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Budapest car and scooter Rental Service

Our advantages:
- To rent one of the vehicles, you will get smartphone Internet access and Online Gps Navigation System
- Use our edited online maps to find the most popular sights and attractions, maps showing live information about events in the country and unique discounts.
- We add only VAT and don't add fees, or other hidden charges. The detailed information on prices might be found on our website. As an exception, buying supplemental insurance to get a higher amount of countries.
- Those car rental deals mean you can drive as much as you want at no extra cost – free mileage, but the driver must be at least 21 years old. 
- All roads are fully paid in the territory of Hungary.
- It offers free Wi-Fi in all areas. 
- Need a rental car delivered to your door and picked up when you return? Rent a quality hire car from us and we will take care of drop-off and collection. And if you call us in advance we can pick you up from the airport. 
- We provide multi-language support online anywhere and at any time.
Your trip can be more interesting than you think!

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Scooter is a universal vehicle which is getting more and more popular nowadays. It looks a bit like a motorcycle but it’s much easier and more comfortable as a bike while driving. The main advantage of this vehicle is the maneuverability. It’s not a problem for a scooter to get through an enormous traffic jam. It’s light, quick and easy to do tricks on. The fuel economy is the biggest advantage of a scooter. The fuel prices in Europe are the highest in the world so the economy is an important factor. Another good thing about a scooter is the excitement and positive emotions that you get while driving. 

Be Smart

Our company is the one and only that deals with using online navigation system on the scooters in Budapest. This vehicle makes your ride very comfortable in case if you know where to go, but what if you don’t?

That’s why you get the modern gadget together with the renting.

The tight and secure fit doesn’t let the navigator to fall off and the protective covering defends from rain and dust.

The navigator has a Google account with the updated maps for a comfort sightseeing.

Besides, there is a Wi-Fi option in our navigators, so you can stay online using Skype, Viber, Messenger, or checking out your E-Mail etc.

Don’t forget to take with you the navigator when you parking.

We recommend you to be prepared in advance before driving, better to put on the clothes that completely enclose you in case of a cold or inclement weather (check out weather forecast before reservation), take with yourself a backpack and a camera (or you can use our camera which is attached to the helmet)



It’s a vehicle for every day, believe or not the number of cars in the world is over a billion!
We offer only the good car class options:
Mini Car – it’s a practical option for a mini family and for a couple of travelers (4-5 people)
Medium Car – it’s a great option for a group of travelers or a big family (7 people)
Maxi Car – it’s suitable for a big group of people (9 people)
If you have children you can rent a child seat produced by one of the best manufacturers.
In addition to the cars, we provide you with a handy modern smart phone of the 5th edition; it has the internet access and online navigation system. The smart phone has the Google account where you can find the marks indicating on the most popular sights and the upcoming events. Besides it helps you to pass by the traffic jams so you’re able to save your time.
The offer is a unique and certainly an interesting one!


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