The Cheapest Budapest Tours to Explore the City.
These questions are typical for all tourists who want to visit this beautiful city with a long history at the crossroads of diverse cultures.
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Each European capital is not only rich in history and spiritual and cultural life, traditions and most interesting sights, but also in various protected nature areas. 
We are pushing the envelope to provide a broader range of those events and many interesting places that you can visit.
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What is interesting in Budapest? Events and things to do in Budapest. 



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Budapest Sightseeing Tours
The „Budapest Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off” highlights the most famous Budapest attractions. This Budapest bus tour is the ideal introduction to one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Your ticket is valid for 48 hours from the time of your first departure; you may hop off and hop back on the buses at any stop and whenever it suits you during the 48-hour period.
Green Route (19 Stops )
Pink Route (10 Stops)
Blue Route (17 Stops)
Night tour (12 Stops)
2 boat tickets (Day and Night)
Hungarian Goulash soup
1 glass of shot
Green Route (19 Stops )
Pink Route (10 Stops)
Blue Route (17 Stops)
2 boat tickets (Day and Night)
Hungarian Goulash soup
1 glass of shot
Pink Route (10 Stops)
Green Route (12 Stops )

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Szechenyi Bath: 20% discount on the thermal spa tickets in Szechenyi Baths 
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VinoPiano Hungarian Handcrafted Wine Bar, Market and Gallery


At VinoPiano we have set the aim to support Hungarian handicrafts by providing top quality Hungarian craft wines produced in the most representative wineries of the country.
We believe that the core of handicrafts does not lie in quantity, setting a yield limit is not the only means for regulation - carefully done quality work, principles and tradition that are reflected by these craft wines are perhaps even more valuable. Handcrafted wine carries the hallmark and peculiar style of its producer, thus identifying its specific type, terroir, and year characteristics.
Among our unique choice of wines you will find products of family wineries that are offered exclusively in VinoPiano.

If you visit us you gonna local art and music as Jazz, Swing, Folk and Gypsy music in live.

Every Friday we organizing live music from 20:00 o clock.  
We are looking forward to serving you in our shop as well as on our wine tasting events.