Payment info


                Dear friends, the safety of your cards transactions is very important to us, so we deal only with the best and trust-worthy payment services.
We do booking and payment using the most popular and verified payment system in the world – PayPal
This PayPal payment system takes a fee for the service and it not included in the price of the ticket. This fee is being calculated by the company for the confidence, safety and the ability to return the money in case of disputable situations which we will try to avoid.
PayPal payment transactions will be carrying out in EURO.
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Car rental terms



    · General requirements to drive a car
    *The possession of driver’s license (“B” car group)
    *The driver must be aged over 20-year-old
    *The driver’s license should be held for at least one year. 
    · Use of the car
    * The Car will be provided to you with a full fuel tank. Costs of fuel and for the refuelling service will be at your expense if the Vehicle is not returned with a full tank.
    *The limit for mileage is 200 km per day
    *There is a fee in case of over limit, 1 EUR for 10 over limited kilometers (car mini class), 2 EUR for over limited 10 kilometers (medium and maxi car class) 
    *If you return the car dirty you should pay 10 EUR expense. 
    * If the car so dirty that it doesn’t let to examine the vehicle then the examination will be done only after its washing.
    *If you return the car with its dirty cabin, you’ll be charged 10 EUR.
    *If you return the car with its unfilled fuel tank, you’ll be charged 1.5 EUR for 1 liters of needed fuel.
    *The landlord has the right to refuse to give a car rental without giving any explanation.
    · A gadget (a smart phone or a tablet computer) will be given to you together with a car and it has internet access limited by 100 mb per day. In case of over limit, the renter pays 1 EURO for 10 mb. In case of smart phone damage, there is a charge equals to the cost of the gadget. The calls are carried out according to the operator’s rates. The total amount for using communicative services is being charged from the deposit by the landlord after the end of renting.
    · Payment terms
    *The minimum renting period is 1 day (24 hours) from the moment of getting the agreement signed. 
    *The deposit is paid before getting the car and it’s returned after the end of renting or after a few days in case of paying by credit card.
    Car insurance
    *All the cars are insured;
    *The renter remains liable in case of a force majeure (if one is guilty) and pays the expense from the deposit.
    *In case of the car damage, the renter must provide with all the necessary documents to prove a force majeure. In case of the lack of the necessary documents, the renter remains financially liable for the damage.
    · Territory of using the car
    *The car might be used all over the territory of Hungary. In case of having plans to visit other countries, inform us in advance.
    *All the cars have the paid-up vignettes for the ability to move on the highways of Hungary. 
    Unlimited mileage:
    For mini class:
    -5 EURO per day, on the territory of Hungary
    -10 EURO per day, on the territory of the SCHENGEN AREA
    For medium/maxi class:
    -10 EURO per day, on the territory of Hungary
    -20 EURO per day, on the territory of the SCHENGEN AREA


Scooter rental terms


The driver must be aged over 18-year-old
The possession of valid driver’s license (any car group) and having the valid passport
Sign the rental agreement
Pay the rental
Leave EUR 300 or ID card as a deposit. 

Payment is carried out by HUF (Hungarian Forints) or you can pay by EURO as well (EUR 1=310 HUF).
You can also pay by credit card (there is a 3% bank charge)
According to the Hungarian law, it’s forbidden to carry a passenger without having “A” car group license, only the renter can drive the scooter.
You’ll be provided with a helmet and an anti –theft chain (despite having the anti-theft chain you should leave the scooter only on the guarded parking area or better leave it in a garage).
You are liable to return the scooter in the same condition as it was provided at the start of renting. In case of a breakdown you remain liable to get the scooter back to the rental area by your own.
In case of any damages, the repair costs will be taken from the deposit, in case if the damages exceed the deposit you should pay the repair according to the market values. 
In case of returning the scooter unclean, the scooter washing costs will be taken from the deposit.
You’ll be provided with a smartphone navigator only if you are renting the scooter for a day or more. The limit of internet traffic is 10mb per day, in case of over limit you will be charged a fee - EUR 1/10 mb. 
Others services will be charged according to the internet operator’s rates when you return the scooter back. 
In case of renting the scooter for more than for 3 days or renting more than 1 scooter, there is a discount that will be given to you. Please, contact us to get the discount and more details.